Kimekomi Ningyo-Japanese Dolls of Wood and Cloth

Japanese Dolls

Kimekomi Ningyo


Kimekomi Dolls are traditional Japanese dolls.  Kimekomi Ningyou were created by Takahashi Tadashige, a priest at a Kyoto shrine, in the middle of the Edo period (1600-1868). He made a small wooden doll that he had carved from scraps of willow which were left over from boxes used in a festival at Kamigamo shrine in Kyoto. Then using remnants of fabric from his priest's clothing, he dressed the doll by inserting the ends of the fabric into the wooden torso. At first, they were called Kamigamo dolls after the place where they were made. Later, however, they were called Kimekomi dolls because of the way that the fabric was inserted into slits in the wood, and the name stuck. "Ki" means wood, "Mekomi" means the technique that is used to tuck the fabric into the grooves on the doll's body.  Subsequently, they were brought to Edo (Tokyo) where the craft became established.

Class Information

Class Information:

Class Information: 

*Session to make one doll is 4 weeks. Each class is 2 hours.  Some homework is necessary. 

*Classes are:


    Camp Courtney: Friday from 1 to 3:00 at the Courtney Arts & Crafts center next to the Library.

  Camp Foster: Fridays from 10 to 12:00 at the Foster Community Center next to the MCCS building and the III MEF band building.


*Lewis Center, OH  Saturdays 9 to 11:00 a.m.

 *To attend class please pay at least one week in advance-preferably two weeks in advance.

*Session cost: $40   (a session is 4 weeks)

*Class size limit: 2 Students minimum; 8 students maximum. Age 8 and above.

*Materials supplied by teacher, doll kit is extra

*Special materials are available for purchase from teacher if student wants to continue making intermediate and advanced dolls-for example scissors and Kimikomi knife.


*Students must start with Beginner Doll Session.  They can continue with more beginner dolls until instructor determines they are ready for the Intermediate Doll level.  Student can attend sessions each month and complete their doll.  Each session costs $40 for 4 classes plus doll kit fee.


Materials provided by teacher (curved scissors, Kimikomi knife, paintbrush and pins are returned to teacher but are available for purchase if student chooses):


Sand paper

Carving tools 



White wash mixture

Large paintbrush

Special Japanese paper for doll

Curved Scissors

Kimikomi knife